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Article 1: Context and Application

Welcome to the regulations of the KSPACECONTEST powered by OMEN HP, which is part of SpaceCon '23. The members of the Kerbal Space Challenge association are proud to present this event, and we sincerely thank the SpaceCon association team for their trust and for entrusting us with this mission for the 2023 edition! Let's provide a brief introduction to our two entities: SpaceCon: SpaceCon is a non-profit association under the 1901 law. Its members are students and young professionals from the Saclay plateau and around the world, with the aim of organizing recurring space-related events. The association organizes and manages the event called SpaceCon'nect 23. Kerbal Space Challenge (KSC): We are an association of 10 enthusiasts who have been organizing the largest events in the French Kerbal Space Program community for a little over five years now. We are dedicated to energizing players, bringing them together, and providing platforms, forums, articles, and of course, social media channels. Join us at (https://kerbalspacechallenge.fr). We promise, we'll be redesigning the website soon. Through values of sharing and highlighting science and knowledge, KSC aims to promote and foster scientific careers. We now offer workshops in major schools centered around the Kerbal Space Program platform. And now, let's get to the #KSpaceContest. The event will take place over the weekend from Saturday, November 18th, to Sunday, November 19th, 2023. This time, following the deliberations of the juries, the prize distribution will take place on Sunday afternoon. The entire event will be held in Paris, in a historic setting, at the École Polytechnique de Paris. We hope that the values of this unique place - values of sharing, mutual assistance, and altruism - will shine on our participants. An educational environment that contrasts with the technology of a room full of gaming PCs but will certainly reveal your creativity and ingenuity! Our partner HP OMEN sponsors the event and allows us to offer you quality equipment; a big thank you to them. If this motivates you to put all your energy into it, know that the grand winner of this KSP competition will receive a handsome prize of €500! The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places on the podium will share the Prize Pool formed by the entry fee to the event.

Article 2: Tournament Registration

Registration for the tournament takes place through the following link: https://spacecon.io/ksp. You will need to complete a short form with essential information and pay a fee of €15 per person. This fee will contribute to the Prize Pool, which will be awarded to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, as described in Article 6. Additionally, this entry fee directly includes a valid ticket to participate in the SpaceConnect day on Friday, November 17th, valued at €25. This participation is subject to proper involvement in the competition, extending up to the presentation pitch of the first phase. Registration is possible from August 15th, 2023, to November 15th, 2023. It will not be possible to register on-site on the day of the event itself. Please note: registration is limited to 19 slots for participants, so don't hesitate for too long! It's worth noting that participating as a team of 2 is recommended but not mandatory. One section of the form will invite you to enter the name of your co-participant; they can be a KSP player or a simple companion. They will be the only person allowed to assist you in person during the competition. Participants must be over 14 years old, and minors must have written authorization to present on the event day.

Article 3: Competition Process

The competition consists of two distinct phases: the creation phase and the presentation phase. Participants are expected to arrive on Saturday, November 18th, at 9 AM at the École Polytechnique de Paris. On-site instructions will help you locate our teams without difficulty. You will be welcomed with a breakfast buffet, providing an opportunity to get to know each other around this shared passion that drives you. At 9:45 AM, there will be an opening speech and introduction to the organizing team, the challenge, and, of course, the topic and additional rules that will finally be revealed. An equipped room will be available with 24 computers containing the game and a selection of pre-installed mods common to all participants. These are primarily part mods; no gameplay changes are to be feared, so no worries. One PC per team. At 10 AM, the competition officially begins. It will last 24 hours, uninterrupted, until Sunday at 10 AM. You will have 24 hours to complete your mission in KSP, prepare a presentation, and a 5-minute pitch, not a second more. This is all the jury will see of your work, so pay special attention to your support materials, arguments, discourse, and enthusiasm! Buffets will be available for candidates during lunchtime, in the evening, and the following morning. The school will also provide a rest area for you to recharge. We are currently negotiating preferential rates at a nearby apart'hotel for those seeking the comfort of a proper night's sleep. Given this extended new format of the competition, we strongly advise you to participate as a team of 2 to take shifts. In 2021, it was a sprint; in 2023, we're attempting a marathon. As soon as the final whistle blows, the presentations begin at 10 AM. The jury will consist of 6 to 8 individuals, divided into two half-juries A and B, to be able to accommodate all participants in about 2 hours. Each half-jury will comprise KSP players and space enthusiasts, respectively belonging to the Kerbal Space Challenge association and the SpaceCon association staff, along with an expert and professional in the field. You need to convince these different types of interlocutors; it's essential. Each of these half-juries will select its two finalists after about twenty minutes of deliberation following the passage of the last participant. On Sunday, around 12 PM, the 4 finalists will be announced. After a well-deserved lunch break, at 1:30 PM, the 4 finalists will each have 10 minutes to present to the reunified jury. At 3 PM, the podium winners and the overall winner will be announced. We are here to address any questions you might have, of course.

Article 4: Game Rules

The specific rules will only be revealed on the event day, on-site! This is a format for which you cannot prepare in advance; come armed with your talent, creativity, and spontaneity.

Article 5: Arbitration

As mentioned in Article 3 of this regulation, the competition consists of two phases, each with its own evaluation: Phase 1: Participants will present their pitch to two half-juries of 3 individuals each, including 2 KSP players and space enthusiasts, as well as a professional from the field. Each half-jury will select 2 participants from those they have seen, without consulting the other half-jury. There are no specific criteria, scoring scales, or rating grids, but the jurors will have discussed beforehand the competition's objectives, desired values, key elements, etc. Phase 2: The 4 finalists will present their pitches again to the reunified jury. There will be no specific criteria, scoring scales, or rating grids, but the jurors will have exchanged opinions on their expectations. After deliberation, they will determine the order of winners. The decisions of the jurors at each stage cannot be contested. They are the sole decision-makers for selecting the finalists and awarding the prizes. There are no plans to provide a ranking or formal feedback for participants in the first phase. However, we encourage players to interact with the jurors and staff present during the 2 days, as well as with other participants!

Article 6: Rewards

At the end of the 2 phases, the winners will receive the following rewards: The first place winner will receive a prize of 500 euros. The second place winner will receive an amount corresponding to 60% of the Prize Pool formed by the competition entries. The third place winner will receive an amount corresponding to 30% of the Prize Pool formed by the competition entries. The fourth place winner will receive an amount corresponding to 10% of the Prize Pool formed by the competition entries. For example, if 24 participants register and pay the mandatory 15 euros each, the Prize Pool will amount to 360 euros. In this case, the first-place winner will receive 500 euros, the second-place winner would receive 216 euros, the third-place winner would receive 108 euros, and the fourth-place winner would receive 36 euros, rounded up to the nearest euro if necessary. All participants will receive some quality goodies! Payments will be made within 30 days via bank transfer.

Article 7: Violations of Regulations

To ensure the smooth running of the competition and fairness among participants, here are some formal rules and prohibitions to adhere to: It is strictly prohibited to manipulate any file in the KSP installation. This includes not being able to import or export crafts, modify part characteristics, teleport elements, install or remove mods, etc. Nothing is allowed within the game directory, except for retrieving stored screenshots. The staff will be very vigilant on this matter and reserves the right to verify the integrity of the installation. Once Phase 1 is completed, the 4 finalists are not allowed to evolve their KSP save. The presentation for the second phase should only use the elements available at the end of the first phase. However, they can take their Save file home to revisit it and retrieve information. They can also take the entire Screenshots folder to find new illustrations for the presentation of the second phase. However, it is strictly forbidden to take new screenshots using the Save and integrate them into your Phase 2 PowerPoint. The staff will precisely have the folder as it was sealed at the end of Phase 1 for comparison. Only you and your potential co-participant are allowed to use a designated PC. This applies to the pitch as well; only you are allowed to intervene and present. You can consult online resources, tutorials, call a friend to share ideas and get help, but only within limited boundaries: no element can be provided by a third person, no action that directly affects your participation. For example, you cannot send a screenshot for retouching or your PPT for formatting; it is categorically forbidden. You and your potential co-participant are the only ones in control; you are the sole masters on board and the only ones able to provide elements for this competition.

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