Ahoy! 🦜 New Crew Members Aboard

Featured image by Dinos & Teacups

Our SpaceCon rocket ship grows bigger and more vibrant as we present our newest crew members- Laura, Daria and Priyanka. All of our new members were handpicked for their creativity, their passion, their drive and mostly for their love for space. We warmly welcome them into the SpaceCon family and hope we all, together, give rise to the most amazing convention out there! You can read more about these stellar individuals below


Daria is an International Relations Master student in Budapest. She is originally from Poland but grew up in Germany. Professionally, she is interested in diplomacy, security and space policies. It is her ambition to become a European diplomat and to advocate peaceful communication and relations between different nations. She is an open minded and curious person, with a deep passion for literature, art and food.


Laura Molares Moncayo is an Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Master’s student at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris, France). Her pursuit towards a biological understanding of the Earth and beyond has led her into the field of astrobiology, attending different ESA and NASA-sponsored summer courses and becoming an active member of the SGAC. Apart from space, she is also passionate about science communication and the advocacy of women in science.


Priyanka is a curious soul who is very passionate about Space. Gradually hitchhiking through life and trying her hand at different things – from analogue astronaut missions to a PhD in satellite navigation – she is also an artist and strives to add a dash of colour to the most mundane tasks with a bit of artistic creativity.

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