Live space to the fullest.

17-19th November

Palaiseau, France, Earth

École polytechnique

Program of the event*

An event rich of talks, games, and opportunities to live space to the fullest

17th November

Registration 08:30-09:00
SpaceCon Team Grand Hall
Opening 09:00-09:15
SpaceCon Team Amphi Poincaré
Honored Guest Talk 09:15-09:30
President école polytechnique Amphi Poincaré
Honored Guest Talk 09:30-09:45
CNES President Amphi Poincaré
What ASI, CNES and DLR are doing to accelerate European space sector modernization 09:45-10:55
Walther Peltzer (DLR), Stella Tkatchova (European Innovation Center), Giorgio Saccoccia (Former ASI president, Senior Advisor to Director General ESA), CNES Amphi Poincaré
The new ESA astronauts generation 10:55-11:10
Amphi Poincaré
Space Education: What are we doing to get the new generations ready for the challenges of the future in space 11:10-12:20
Thomas Garnier (Université Paris-Saclay), Pascal Chabert (LPP Director at école polytechnique, CNRS Silver medal), (Cranfield University), (TU Munich) Amphi Poincaré
Launch Break 12:20-13:45
Grand Hall
(ArianeGroup) Amphi Poincaré
(Thales Alenia Space) Amphi Poincaré
Honored Guest Talk 14:15-14:25
Géraldine Naja (ESA) Amphi Poincaré
The Moon, cornerstone of sustainability in space for Earth and Space? 14:25-15:45
Bertrand Baratte (EURO2MOON/Airliquide), Lucie Senechal Perouault (PhD candidate CNRS), Louise Fleischer (The Spring Institute) Amphi Poincaré
Pitch Contest 14:30-17:50
SpaceConcept Room
The Moon, cornerstone of sustainability in space for Earth and Space? 14:30-15:45
Bertrand Baratte (EURO2MOON/Airliquide), Lucie Senechal Perouault (PhD candidate CNRS), Louise Fleischer (The Spring Institute) Amphi Poincaré
Pitch Contest 15:45-17:50
SpaceConcept Room
Break 15:45-16:15
Grand Hall
Pitch Contest 16:15-17:50
SpaceConcept Room
Keynote 16:15-16:30
Marine Lagarde (ESA) Amphi Poincaré
Pitch Contest 16:30-17:50
SpaceConcept Room
Keynote 16:30-16:45
Cathy Clerbaux (Senior scientist at Laboratoire Atmosphères & Observations Spatiales) Amphi Poincaré
Pitch Contest 16:45-17:50
SpaceConcept Room
Fireside chat by Reinvented Magazine 16:45-17:45
Amphi Poincaré
How to win a European Rocketry Competition 17:45-18:00
Skyward Experimental Rocketry Amphi Poincaré
Hacking a real satellite at DEFCON 18:00-18:15
mhackeroni (Italian CTF Hacking Team) Amphi Poincaré
Closing 18:15-18:30
SpaceCon Team Amphi Poincaré
Cocktail 18:30-19:30
Salon d'honneur
End of Day 19:30-19:30
Grand Hall

18th November

Coming Soon

19th November

Coming Soon

*Temptative program featuring unconfirmed slots. The final program might differ.

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You have an innovative idea for a space startup?

The second edition of the pitch contest by SpaceCon ✕ Incuballiance. Turn your idea into a space business with us. You will have the chance to present your project in front of a jury of investors and experts. Compete to win a package that will help your space startup take off.

"Very good memories"
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Image in the tones of pink and purple of a rocket in the middle of a room with some audience looking at it

What is SpaceCon?

Think ComiCon, but for space.

Anime style image featuring a gathering of multiple alien species together, in the tones of red, violet and purple

SpaceCon is a convention dedicated to space and space enthusiasts. We aim to offer an informal, accessible, inclusive and fun atmosphere, because we believe that the best chances in life occur when you're not waiting for them.

The first idea of SpaceCon came out when visiting the US. We were attending a SpaceX launch at Vandenberg Base, early in the morning. When we arrived, we saw a multitude of space enthusiasts gathered there for this great event, cooking hot-dogs and looking at the sky. One group also invited us on their truck to watch the launch together

Back in Europe we told ourselves we wanted to bring back with us that spirit. And make an event out of it, an event that could celebrate the naïve, genuine passion for the space endeavor. Because space adventures have the absolute unique gift of inspiring generations.

Who drives SpaceCon?

SpaceCon is a non-profit

SpaceCon is managed and organized by a homonymous non-profit association registered in France. Behind the association there is a diverse group of people, coming from all over the world, working remotely and donating their free time to offer the best experience possible.

  • Alberto Remigi
  • Alexandre Poirier
  • Arnaud Gallant
  • Ekaterina Seltikova
  • Estelle Henriet
  • Leo Renaut
  • Pierre Cordesse
  • Ruben Di Battista
  • Victoria Carter-Cortez
  • Yann Haegelin

Senior Advisors

  • Wolfgang Duerr, Head of Marketing and Sales Space Exploration at Airbus Defence & Space, President of EURO2MOON
  • Bertrand Baratte, Space Market Director, AirLiquide, EURO2MOON General Secretary