Partnered event


Come and meet your favorite space fellows, learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs, discover #newspace startups, shape the future, build rock solid partnerships or land your dream #job and have #fun just minutes from the heart of #Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Moon Package

  • Your organization brochure in the participants kit
  • Booth (2 People)
  • Mention in the closing session

Earth Package

  • One recruiting email to attendees
  • Advertisement in program guide
  • Your logo on website, all paper and digital media
  • +1 Free event invite
  • Moon package perks
Héméria Sources_Logocouleur_lignebleublancrouge_Logo Blanc

Mars Package

  • Lightning talk (5 min)
  • Recruitment advertisement on website
  • Recruitment session
  • +3 Free event invites
  • Earth package perks

Jupiter Package

  • Branding of the event  (“SpaceCon by AmazingSponsor”)
  • Mention in the opening session
  • Sponsored poster
  • Sponsored talk (15 min)
  • Logo on banners
  • +5 Free event invites
  • Mars package perks

KSP Special Package

Image by AdrianG

With this package you’ll help us organize a Kerbal Space Program videogame contest in which players will compete to complete a mission and they will be judged by a panel of space leaders. You will contribute to provide the necessary gaming rigs and network appliances to the players in order to deliver a smooth experience for all of them. With this package you will get:
  • Branding of the KSP Contest (“KSP Contest by AmazingSponsor”)
  • Presence in the contest judging panel
  • Jupiter package perks